Reseller Program

Are you an designer, creator or a professional who needs a printing company to provide their customers blind shipped printed products. At State Print we can be your printing products provider shipping via blind shipping so that your customer receives your products to their door.

To qualify you must fall one of the following fields or be in a similar field

  • Graphic Designer
  • Creator (e.g. Etsy)
  • Marketing / Advertising Company
  • Etc.

Orders for our reseller program are placed directly through our company email, providing you with pricing, shipping information and more. To be considered please note your must have your proper documentation.

  • Sales Tax Permit
  • Website

Once approved you will receive the following for being a part of our reseller program.

  • Discounts on our retail pricing
  • Special offers
  • Blind Shipping

Send us an email if you are interested in our Reseller Program.